The first season of Girl’s Cruise is officially over, and the cast reconnected to share more about their reality TV experience on the show’s reunion special. After talking at length about the series, host Jeannie Mai wanted to know details about Lil Kim’s forthcoming, highly-anticipated project 9. The veteran rapper has been hyping the release of her fifth studio album since the Spring without sharing when the record will hit the streets.

“Oh my gosh, it’s coming really really soon,” Kim said at the Girls Cruise reunion special. “That’s why I’ve been like, doing a lot of little promotional things. But, I will tell you this, I recorded so many songs. I have a part one and a part two,” the rapper revealed before the audience began screaming with excitement. Kim also shared that her Girls Cruise co-star and Instagram comedian Vena “Pretty Vee” Excell will be making an appearance on the record, as well.

“You know, it’s so funny because it was like, last minute,” Kim continued. “I have a song called ‘Fat Poom Poom,’ and she’s on that.” Vee then gave fans a taste of what to expect by dancing a bit and singing a brief snippet of the song. “Thank you so much,” Vee told Kim of giving her the opportunity. “It’s so good,” Kim said about the collaboration. Check it out below.