While Ari Fletcher may be an Insta baddie, there’s a big difference between her showing off her own body and men thinking it’s okay to tell her what to do with it. A clip that surfaced online of an interaction between Ari and a nightclub DJ has people wondering whether the DJ’s comments toward her were out of line. Into a microphone, with the music paused, the man calls Ari onto the stage. “Ay listen, I came here to see one thing,” he says. When she doesn’t cooperate with his commands quick enough, he barks, “C’mon. Ay, Turn your ass around. I came here to see you shake the room. Shake the room for me.” It seems the DJ was trying to get the crowd hyped up before playing Pop Smoke and Quavo’s collaboration, “Shake The Room.” However, he didn’t need to objectify Ari and order her around in the process. 

Ari Fletcher Disrespected By DJ Commenting On Her Ass
                                         Prince Williams/Wireimage/GettyImages

DJ Akademiks posted the video on his IG page and asked his followers whether they found the DJ’s behavior to be disrespectful. “That’s what she’s known for . But the Dj outta pocket for that,” one person commented. “This is sad bruh, and she knows it too, that’s what happens when you have no talent but wanna be in the entertainment industry,” someone else reasoned. Others brought Ari’s boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo, into the mix, imagining how heated (and potentially lethal) of a reaction this would draw from him. “He tryna die die,” reads another comment.