With as many collaborations as Lil West and Brevin Kim have together, they’re well on their way to having enough tracks for a joint album. The Delaware rapper and Boston duo have steadily released multiple collaborative singles over the last few months. Back in December, Brevin Kim added Lil West to the remix of their song “the wedding!” Then, weeks ago, Lil West featured them on his track, “Bleach.” The artists return once again, this time to round out their trio of singles with “Luck.”

The short-running track falls under two minutes, but it’s a good vibe for these quarantine days. Last year, we received two projects from Lil West, Vex Part 1 Vex Part 2, both of which were well-received from the newcomer. The young artist is known for experimenting with various genres, so it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with on his next album. In the meantime, stream “Luck” by Lil West and Brevin Kim and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Just me and my bro, can’t do no wrong
Pull out all this cash to feed my hoes
Boy want all this action, G.I. Joe
You worryin’ about your past but me I don’t