If there’s one thing that Chris Brown fans are seriously not allowed to complain about, it’s a lack of new music. The superstar singer from Virginia has been on a tear this year, striking gold with his Drake-assisted single “No Guidance.” At the beginning of the year, Breezy announced that it wouldn’t take too long for Indigo Season to begin and now that’s he’s busy touring the album, we can comfortably say that we’re still seeing tones of blue all over the place. CB has been critiqued in the past for loading his musical projects to the brim, pushing over thirty records on the last two bodies of work. Considering the number of hours Brown has put into his craft, he likely cycles through hundreds of album-worthy hits each rollout and this time, he’s letting the fans hear even more of the cuts he was forced to make.


Announcing the extended version of Indigo, Chris Brown will soon be releasing even more new music. While he doesn’t say when the project is coming, he did specify how many songs will be added. “INDIGO EXTENDED ALBUM… 10 brand new songs 😳 DAMN NEAR ANOTHER ALBUM …. COMING SOON,” he typed on a social post with the new album cover.

Are you looking forward to hearing some new vibes from the iconic vocalist or do you think he needs to cool it to build hype for the next body of work?