Chris Brown has been the subject of so many headlines throughout his career. Everybody has an opinion on the artist that they've formed mostly without even taking his music into account. While some choose not to listen to his work because of the things he has done in his life, it's difficult to argue that the man isn't one of the most talented singers in recent history. Fresh off of a historic new record deal, Breezy is preparing to drop his next album Indigo, letting his fans know exactly what they can expect.

The first single "Undecided" is officially out and plenty more will follow in the coming months. When it comes to the full album, one thing that fans were worried about was its length. The last project Chris put out contained over forty songs with HBOAFM giving us a full year's worth of music in one sitting. That won't be the case with Indigo according to CB. "THIS 'INDIGO' ALBUM IS ABOUT ENERGY, LOVE, LIGHT, and HAPPINESS," wrote the vocalist. "IT WONT BE A MILLION SONGS THIS TIME EITHER. PROMISE."

He added that the finished product is reminding him so much of the work he completed early in his career. "Personally reminds me of my first album, GRAFFITI, AND FAME," wrote Brown. After taking most of 2018 off in terms of his solo releases, Chris Brown started this year off strong and we're excited to see how he keeps moving forward.