Sad news came through for Megan Thee Stallion today. The Houston bombshell was contacted by a fan via Twitter where she was told the unfortunate news. A user by the Twitter handle of GinaWitDaNina directed a tweet to Megan that stated her cousin, who was a huge fan, was killed after attending her concert recently. Immediately, Thee Stallion responded to offer sincere condolences for the untimely death, furthermore, she added to be made aware if there is anything she can do to help. Shortly after their interaction, it was revealed that Meg Thee Stallion donated $1200 to the fan’s GoFundMe page to help cover part of the funeral costs.

The gesture is extremely generous on Megan’s part. The rapper is truly beginning to blow up and acts like these help remind fans why they like Thee Stallion for much more than just her music, banging body and raw talent. The helpful move shortly follows the release of Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album, Fever, which received props from big industry names like Drake. The Texas-native’s budding success was also routed back to her sole abilities with the pen as well as the recently uncovered management collaboration Stallion has with former MLB-player Carl Crawford