300 Entertainment's Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hottest names in the music industry right now. Fresh off the release of her debut album, Meg is on top of the world. She's offering a different flavour than many other female rappers in the game, quickly becoming one of the leading voices in the South. The Houston Hottie is known for showing off her body on stage, often dropping down to the floor and twerking some for her fans. She has an incredible body and she knows it so she's willing to show it off for the extra attention. After the release of her successful project Fever, Meg treated herself to a mini-vacation at the beach, showing us all her new tan and her stunning figure.

Brian Stukes/Getty Images

The rapper wore a thong bikini so she could flaunt all that she's working with, turning around and giving the camera a quick little spin. She waded through the water and casually played with her braids before sharing another shot of herself in her tiny black bikini top. "Im so tan from this mini vacation i had went on I love it," she wrote. After all the hard work she put into her career, growing her brand and becoming a well-known talent, she deserved the break. Now, you can rest assured she'll be taking advantage of her newfound popularity by dropping more content to go along with the album.