A new decade is upon us, and the game has been looking for a generation of superstars to pick up the torch. Many have already penciled in Compton’s Roddy Ricch as one of the most promising voices in the game, his recent Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial furthering that narrative in a major way. And while the album yielded plenty of highlights, none stood out quite so much as “The Box.” Between the creative and soon-to-be-iconic “EEE EUU” intro and the confident, charismatic flow, the album’s second track has quickly cemented itself as one of Ricch’s defining songs to date. 

Simply put, the people have spoken and they love “The Box.” So much so that the track currently sits at the top of Rolling Stone’s Artist 500 charts, beating out Post Malone’s “Circles” and Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams.” On Billboard’s Hot 100, “The Box” currently sits in the 13th position, though the updated charts have yet to arrive. Either way, Ricch is content to brand his handiwork the world’s biggest track, and who are we to blame him?

“The box is the #1 song in the world to start the decade off,” writes Roddy, quietly asserting his dominance in the rap game. Congratulations to the young emcee, who continues to prove the CPT is one of hip-hop’s chief creative hubs. Have you been rocking with the “EEE EUU” movement?