Golden State Warriors’ All-Star point guard Stephen Curry doesn’t plan on missing the entire season, despite a recent report that suggested it was ‘unlikely’ he’d be back on the court this year. Curry spoke with the media on Monday for the first time since breaking his left hand on October 30, and he revealed that he expects to be back at some point in early spring.

“I definitely expect to be ready to play,” Curry said, per ESPN. “I don’t know when — at some point in early spring. Just a matter of the rehab process. I’ve never obviously broken anything and dealt with a hand injury like this. … [But] I’m excited about the potential that the rest of the season isn’t lost.”

Curry is currently expected to be sidelined for at least three months and he is set to undergo another procedure in early December.

“As part of the rehab, I have to get a second procedure done at the beginning of December probably and remove some of the pins that they put in there,” he said. “So the swelling’s going to be something that’s of the utmost priority early in the rehab process to give me a chance to come back and get my range of motion back pretty quickly. So travel is not in the cards right now, but hopefully when the new year hits, I’ll be able to be on the road and progress quickly in terms of things that I can do on the court, in the weight room, all that type of stuff, and obviously be around the team as much as I can.”

The Warriors are sitting at 2-9 so far this season and they could very well be buried in the Western Conference by the time the two-time MVP is healthy enough to play. Even if that’s the case, Curry seems eager to get back on the court because he feels like a “caged animal” right now.

“I love to play basketball,” he said. “I love having fun. I know Klay does, too. We’re like some caged animals right now, ready to get unleashed back to what we do. Selfishly speaking, it should be fun for both of us, just to play basketball.”

Up next for Golden State is a trip to Staples Center on Wednesday for a matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers, followed by a home game against the Boston Celtics on Friday night.