YNW Melly’s Little Brother Dissects His New Song & Lessons He’s Learned

YNW BSlime gives the rundown on his “Slime Dreams” track.

BYAlex Zidel
YNW Melly’s Little Brother Dissects His New Song & Lessons He’s Learned

Depending on how in-tune you are with the younger generation of rappers coming up, you've likely heard of YNW BSlime, YNW Melly's little brother. The 12-year-old has been earning some buzz in his brother's absence, releasing a song and earning millions of hits based on his name power alone. The track, "Slime Dreams," was released via Melly's YouTube page, giving it an extra boost and exposing BSlime's music to a larger audience. Because of his brother's current predicament -- the rapper is currently facing the death penalty for double murder -- Melly has been a popular search term all year as fans try to learn about the young Florida presence. Now, his kid brother is speaking on his behalf, living out his own dreams and following in his large footsteps. He recently stopped by Genius to explain the lyrics to his new song, also touching on the lessons he's learned from his brother.

One thing that you'll pick up right off the bat is that this kid has a solid voice. Like his older brother, YNW BSlime knows how to utilize the depth of his vocals to truly come across as a melody king. Of course, BSlime has a limited discography thus far but even his live singing in this video is impressive. Much like Lil Tecca did a few weeks ago, BSlime was not willing to incriminate himself in the interview, saying that all gun mentions in the song are cap. "To be honest, I do not have any guns just to make that clear, but I will take your bae," says the 12-year-old in a cheeky manner. 

Elsewhere in the clip, he speaks about experiences he's had with his brother and the lessons he's learned from Melly. Watch below.

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