Some people love what 50 Cent has turned into and others believe that he is making a mockery out of his successful rap career. His haters appear to be unclear on one thing: the artist is still making huge money moves, working in television, film, and music to grow his legacy even further. His new schedule includes finding time to troll his rivals on social media, which is something that was previously reserved for Fiddy’s bars. With his musical output slowing down, Fif still has a lot of drama to settle with his former friends in G-Unit… especially Young Buck. If you’ve paid attention to his social profile this year, you know that 50 Cent wants his money from Buck and he’ll do anything to cash the check. He alleges that his former ally was in a three-year relationship with a transgender woman, calling him out online and continually humiliating the man. Now, he’s bringing the family into it all by posting a photo of Buck’s “old lady.”

50 Cent Goes For Young Buck's Jugular With Offensive Photo Of His "Old Lady"
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

A few moments ago, 50 Cent took to his most popular channel to continue spewing his hate campaign against Young Buck, sharing an image of a woman he believes to be Buck’s “old lady.” He captioned the photo by telling everyone who the woman is as she looks distressed, seemingly urinating against a wall in public.

50 Cent has been going in on this transphobic agenda for months, making fun of Buck for rumours that have not even been confirmed. Is it time for this to come to an end?