He’s rejected the norms and standards set in the industry and has carved out his career on his own terms. Russ has been a controversial figure in hip hop since he’s become more of a recognizable figure in the scene, not only because of his music, but because he often goes against the grain. His beefs with other artists have played out in headlines and his tendency to not hold his tongue has sometimes been the topic of conversations, but Russ continues to make his mark in hip hop as the Atlanta-based artist returns with his 14-track offering Shake The Snow Globe.

The album hosts a handful of features from an eclectic mix of artists including Rick Ross, Bugus, Kiana Ledé, Benny The Butcher, Devin The Dude, and Bia. The last two previously released songs on his tracklist are listed as bonuses: “Civil War” and Rihanna’s Russ favorite “Best On Earth” ft. Bia. The author and entertainmener is showing off his chops on this one, so give it a spin and let us know if you’re vibing to Shake The Snow Globe


1. Need a Minute
2. Guess What ft. Rick Ross
3. A Lot More
4. Can’t Go On
5. A****e ft. Bugus
6. Nighttime (Interlude)
7.  All to You ft. Kiana Ledé
8. Shots
9. Patience
10. I Thought You Got Me ft. Benny The Butcher
11. Foot on the Gas ft. Devin the Dude
12. Momma
1. Civil War (Bonus)
2. Best on Earth ft. Bia (Bonus)