Russ is refusing to take the bullsh*t anymore. The rapper took to Twitter Thursday morning to attempt to shut down those who have doubted that anyone is bumping his music, by not-so-subtly reminding everyone just who so happen to be proven fans of his.  "Whole lotta shit I wanna talk but imma just say this...aside from my amazing fanbase, for all the 'wHo LiStEnS tO rUsS?' questions... JAY Z & RIHANNA, THATS WHO Suck my d*ck."

Namedropping industry legends like Jay-Z and Rihanna as supporters of your music to try and prove how dope you are is, admittedly, a little corny. It's no secret, though, that both of these massive artists are fans of his. Russ was over the moon in October when Riri posted a video of herself strutting to him and rapper Bia's song "BEST ON EARTH," designating the track as her "new fav song" at the time. Russ jumped in the comments to express his gratitude: "No one talk to me for the rest of life. THE QUEEN AND LEGEND. THANK YOU ðŸ˜©ðŸ˜©ðŸ˜©" Jay also shared his admiration for Russ when he included "BEST ON EARTH" on his Year End Picks Of 2019 playlist on his music streaming service, TIDAL. 

As far as the "Whole lotta sh*t" he refrains from talking, Russ could be referring to the recent incident that Adam22 revealed involving Russ sending his goons to beat up the NoJumper host outside a nail salon. Adam22 has been clowning Russ for awhile now, and it looks like Russ was seeking some revenge. Russ announced that his next album "Shake The Snow Globe" will be released on January 31st, 2020.