Fans have watched as Waka Flocka has been open and honest about the mistakes he’s made in the past. He’s shared his story on reality television, whether it be on Growing Up Hip Hop, Marriage Boot Camp, or his wedding special, Waka & Tammy Tie The Knot. On TV, during interviews, or on social media, Waka has stated that fatherhood has made him a changed man, and often he likes to share bits of wisdom with the public in hopes of inspiring them to make better decisions.

In a recent Instagram clip, the rapper offered up some advice. “Look, a n*gga gon’ hate every day,” he began. “If you choose to f*ck with it, that mean listen to it, pay attention to it, react to it, reply to it, however you wanna say it, you the idiot. Just like the n*gga speaking to you. Life perspective man, learn yours. Learn your choices. I don’t know how you’re making them [or] who you’re making them for. Just don’t be so self-serving.”

He added that he wants people to step outside of themselves and to view the world in the eyes of another. “Think about others some time. Think about your actions and the sh*t you’re doing and how it affects other people. I’m saying this in the most positive way. Nowhere near trying to be corny. Just tryin’ to advise and empower you as a person so you can empower the things around you and the people around you.”