Thotiana” rapper Blueface recently offered fans a glimpse into his everyday life through a Youtube vlog. The video log chronicled what 36 hours into the rapper’s life looked like. The visuals demonstrated numerous crazy shows where the 22-year old performed as well as the intimate moments of laughter he shared with his close friends. Moreover, Young Man Cryp’n remains booked and busy while continuing to drop a series of singles and musical collaborations. The latter includes the December 2018 release “Studio” and his involvement on both G-Eazy’s “West Coast” and French Montana’s “Slide.”

As being hard at work evidently means securing more bags, Blueface has been enjoying the fruits of his enduring labor. In a recent video shared via Instagram, the artist revealed where his money was going–on a set of Crips inspired art pieces. The artwork, crafted by artist John Brown, was shown as being all over the walls of the rapper’s new home. In one of the videos, Blueface is seen smiling from ear to ear next to the graffiti-style graphics. Notable designs part of the work includes Sonic The Hedgehog, Benjamin Franklin, BAPE camouflage patterns and much more.

What do you think of the murals?