While Kylie Jenner and her girl gang of sisters were all on route to celebrate their mother’s birthday yesterday, the 21-year-old videotaped herself driving her $3 million Bugatti and her followers were upset. Kylie’s Instagram story sees her filming the road ahead of her while another clip shows her filming her face while she has her other hand on the wheel. 

Kylie Jenner Criticized For Recording Herself While Driving $3M Bugatti
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The short video post prompted people to call the makeup mogul out, asking her to set a better example for her followers. “Why does kylie jenner constantly take videos of herself driving??? does she genuinely think it makes her look cool because all i see is an immature girl with no consideration for the people she’s putting in danger,” one Twitter user wrote

Kylie was even bumping to Kid Cudi’s “My World.” 

“Everyone is so upset that  @KylieJenner was texting and driving. Which is so illegal but let’s not forget they don’t wear seats belts, and don’t understand car seat safety for their young child. I’ve seen it a few times on their show🤦🏽‍♀️,” another Twitter user commented.

We think it’s safe Kylie won’t respond to the backlash but we can only hope she takes notes and skips out on future driving videos. Peep more reactions below and let us know what you think.