The story of 19-year-old rapper Tay-K has been fascinating, to say the least. Born Taymor McIntyre, the young man was arrested over two years ago on murder charges. While on the run from the police, his song “The Race” absolutely blew up and gained him notoriety among the hip-hop community. His trial began this week and finally, we’ll be learning more information about the rapper, ending with his sentencing soon. Tay-K is expected to be handed down a 40-year sentence and while that could easily change, it appears as though the Texas-based artist could be planning to plead insanity.

As reported by Fort Worth Star-Telegram, an investigator in the case unveiled some pretty shocking information about Tay-K that could point to him trying to get off on lighter charges because of mental illness. New Jersey fugitive investigator George Gyure testified in court yesterday that after he was captured by police, McIntyre told authorities that he had swallowed a bottle of pills and started hearing voices in his head. After being evaluated at a local hospital, the results were negative but Tay-K was insistent on the fact that he was hearing voices. He was then kept in a psychiatric ward for just over a day before moving to a detention centre. 

On Tuesday, Tay-K entered a guilty plea for two counts of aggravated robbery. As noted by XXL, he will be sentenced to life in prison if convicted of capital murder. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.