Ever since OJ Simpson got his very own Twitter account, the internet has been in a very weird place. Simpson has had a tumultuous life that saw him beat a murder case in the mid-90s, only to have himself locked up for the better of a decade due to a different crime. When Simpson was first released from prison, it seemed as though he was content with keeping a low profile but now, he can be seen ranting and raving about numerous topics on his Twitter account. Simpson talks about anything and everything from fantasy football to golf and yesterday, he decided to engage in the political realm.

This latest rant was bizarre in the sense that he didn’t really include any information on the people he was talking about. Instead, Simpson gave the general gist of a situation, leaving the viewers to guess who he was talking about. He then ends his video with a bit of a conspiracy theory about something that happened in the political realm recently.


Overall, the rant was bizarre, incoherent, and in all honesty, kind of worrying. Why is OJ being so coy with what he says? What is he hiding? No one seems to know the answers to these questions but hopefully, someone gets to the bottom of it soon. 

When OJ went through his legal troubles back in the day, he was used as a political tool against his will. While he may not have been a political person in the past, he certainly is now.