Macy Gray has previously been in the headlines for her struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse. She also claimed many years ago that she suffered from bipolar disorder before admitting that her mental illness was cured and she no longer needed to take medication. Needless to say, Macy’s fans have been a little skeptical of her recent movements, wishing the star would just go back to releasing solid jams and keeping quiet. The singer found herself back in the news after an awkward interview on ITV show Lorraine. How awkward was it, you asked? Well, Macy Gray claimed she was a vampire. That’s how awkward it was.

Macy Gray Claims She's A Vampire In Awkward TV Interview
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

As reported by Yahoo, Macy Gray caused quite a stir online this week when fans watched her interview on Lorraine. Gray recently took a trip to the hospital, which she was asked to elaborate on live television. Her answer did not disappoint. “I’m a vampire, I have a low blood count, every two or three years I have to get blood,” said the vocalist. Oh… alright. She also added that she sometimes gets urges to go outside and bite people.

That wasn’t all she had to say though. She offered an alternative to morning television, suggesting that Lorraine’s producers film episodes of the talk show at night and air them the next day. Fans have been reacting to the interview, believing that Macy may have taken a drink before the show, which led to her weird behaviour. What do you think?