When YK Osiris dropped his debut studio album, The Golden Child, in October, he simultaneously declared himself to be this generation’s “King Of R&B”. In order to make this claim, he had to denounce other artists from the new school vying for the title, such as Jacquees, which he did not hesitate to do. Regardless of whether YK Osiris’ project lived up to this standard or whether it’s even an interesting debate to be having, you have to respect an artist coming out the gate swinging with that level of confidence. 

These days, everyone knows that R&B doesn’t solely entail pure R&B. Most of the music classified under this genre today is presenting a sound that has undergone countless reinventions. A lot of it is tinged with elements of trap and a prime example of that is YK Osiris’ “Freaky Dancer”. It’s less concerned with capturing romance than starting a party. And who better to enlist as a fellow party-starter than DaBaby? DaBaby gives one of his many exciting guest verses of the year that always manage to amplify a track. 

“Freaky Dancer” first dropped as The Golden Child‘s lead single in June, but a booty-filled music video always comes at a good time.