On Friday, YK Osiris dropped his debut album, The Golden Child, on Def Jam. While the Florida singer put together a solid record with his catchy crooning, it always helps to build some buzz through beef. Confidence is also an effective way to turn heads. In the music industry, extreme confidence often manifests as artists claiming they're the best in their field. 


In an interview with Sway last week, YK Osiris addressed his recent proclamation on Instagram that he is "the king of RNB of this generation." While he never clearly defined the parameters of "this generation," the 21-year-old argued that there aren't many competitors vying for the R&B crown at the moment. "Chris Brown is a king fosho," YK said. "You gotta, in this generation, ain't no lot of singers. Jacquees... I don't think he really messing with me like that, not music-wise." He did concede that Jacquees has got some vocal talent, but the bottom line was that he thinks Jacquees does not compare to him when it comes to songwriting. In a move that rather blatantly exposed this name-dropping as a promotional tactic, YK Osiris then directed the audience to listen to his new album to determine whether he's mistaken in his views. 


Well, regardless of what the audience may think, Jacquees has weighed in to insist that YK is stepping way out of his lane. Jacquees, who professes to be the King of R&B in his Instagram bio and was a key player in the recent debate on the topic, responded to the challenging of his title in a since-deleted post:

"Ay, man. I was gonna let the n*** breath. YK Osiris, stop f*cking knocking on my door. Stop asking me for big bro advice. Stop. You had my name in your mouth with Sway. That was a mistake. You can't sing like me, lil bro. I wanted you to win - I still do. Stop bringing my muhfuckin name up. You not on my level. At all."