Former Fugees rapper Pras has gotten himself into a few financial binds, and he’s hoping that his forthcoming Elon Musk album will alleviate some of his stressors. During a hearing in family court, Pras’s lawyer, Judith White, pleaded with the judge to lower the rapper’s child support payments for his son, according to Page Six. Pras currently pays $4,800 a month to his ex, Angela Severiano, but White claims Pras no longer can afford the hit to his bank account.

”My client is aware that he has to reinvent himself… so that he is able to pay money for this child and he is doing everything in his ability [to do that] such as attempting to release a new album called Elon Musk,” White said before adding, “He hit a very hard low and is attempting to bring himself up in the best way he knows, through his art. Right now he simply has no income.” According to Pras, he’s sustaining himself with help from family and friends, and he allegedly lives with his mother.

Meanwhile, Severiano’s lawyer is calling foul on White’s claims and wants the child support payments to stay as they are because Pras hasn’t given the court documentation that proves he has no revenue coming in or money saved in bank accounts. “We have no idea what his income is,” attorney Robert Wallack stated. “We have no idea what the sources of his money are because he has not provided a sworn affidavit…How is he traveling? How did he fly to town for this appearance? How did he fly to Washington DC three times in the last two months? How is he supporting his lifestyle? He is releasing a new album.”

Pras insists that he’s no shirking his responsibilities. “I’m doing everything I can,” Pras reportedly said. “I’m not trying to not pay child support. The best thing I can do is work on my creative. Hopefully, it will be successful and then once it’s successful then everything will be back to normal.”

We’ve previously reported on Pras being investigated and charged with financial fraud by the United States Justice Department. According to them, the rapper allegedly transferred over tens of millions of illegal funds into the U.S. from a Malaysian businessman named Jho Low in order to pay off high-ranking officials who were investigating Low.