Pras is reportedly trying to recoup the $37 million sum frozen by the Federal Government in a pre-emptive move done to further their investigative efforts into an international conspiracy. The Fugees legend stands accused of helping a former Justice Department official named George Higginbotham forge documents at the behest of a crooked business tycoon from Thailand. Together they reportedly helped Jho Low launder $73 Million into the US under false pretenses.

"The property is not subject to forfeiture," reads Pras' submitted proposal to lawmakers. "The complaint fails adequately to allege that the property is the proceeds of specified unlawful activity or was used to promote, conduct, or facilitate specified unlawful activity, and, in any event, Mr. Michel is an innocent owner of the property who did not know of the conduct or circumstances giving rise to forfeiture."

Pras believes the $37.5 million was confiscated under false pretenses deliberately imposed by institutionally racist members of law enforcement (prevention). He told TMZ that he was completely "confused" by assumptions made by the FBI. As a result, Pras is steering clear of speaking publicly on the matter, with the exception of his one TMZ interview. As of this writing, the investigation remains open to speculation. Any judgment of Pras' character would be completely unsubstantiated until (unless) he is properly arraigned.