Blueface’s manager Wack 100 is at odds with another hip hop figure, this time taking aim at the Bay Area legend E-40. In a rant recently shared on social media, Wack doesn’t explain much of why he’s beefin’ with the “Choices” rapper, but he makes it clear that he’s irate about it.

“Let me tell you what a whole n*gga do,” Wack begins. “You tell them n*gga f*ck you. You b*tch ass. I don’t f*ck wit you. He turn around and go call everybody else and start adding names to it. No n*gga. I told you. E-40. I don’t f*ck wit you. I done called your phone n*gga. You don’t wanna pick up n*gga. I told you two months ago I don’t f*ck wit you, with the f*ck sh*t you did, n*gga.”

“There’s no reason for you to call me n*gga,” he continues. “Like I’m one of your side broads and I forgot about it n*gga. It’s gon’ be f*ck you then, it’s gon’ be f*ck you now, n*gga. I told you, Earl. F*ck you.” After dropping a few more expletives, Wack ends things with, “Either run the bag or it ain’t happenin’.”

This isn’t the first bit of controversy that Wack has been in as of late. He recently caught heat after saying that Joe Budden doesn’t care for Blueface’s hit “Thoatiana” because it’s a description of Budden’s fiancé, Cyn Santana. After Nicki Minaj dropped “Barbiana,” a remix to “Thoatiana,” Wack made it clear that Blueface’s remix with Cardi B was much better, saying that the Invasion of Privacy rapper “killed” Nicki’s version.