It’s no secret that Mr. Bangladesh knows his way around crafting a banger. Boasting a repertoire of hits to his name, the multitalented artist has recently stepped behind the mic for a new track called “Gesique.” Coming live with accompanying visuals, Bangladesh takes to a woodwind-driven instrumental, low-key percussion, and a jazzy piano riff to tie it all together. While the beat is solid, his bars keep things moving, spitting lines like “I feel like Jay-Z n***a I’m runnin’ the Roc, like Death Row days I’m feelin’ like Pac!”

There’s something slightly old-school about his approach, his rhymes delivered like products of the mixtape era. Not the one that transpired at the turn of our most recent decade, but rather the one before. The one that dealt in bootleg discs and Crude print-out art. For some, that will make for a refreshing change of pace. Bangladesh is no stranger to delivering solid tunes, and “Gesique” is a respectable addition to his expansive catalog.

Quotable Lyrics

I feel like Jay-Z n***a I’m runnin’ the Roc,
Like Death Row days I’m feelin’ like Pac
I’m counting money like Diddy, I’m doing the Bop
I feel like Biggie 9-5 when tossin’ the glock