Twenty years ago, Irv Gotti was granted his own label by Def Jam head Russel Simmons. From that point, the producer began building a squad that would ultimately come to include Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah, Black Child, Ashanti, Lloyd, Charlie Baltimore, and Vanessa Carlton. Across the label’s decade-spanning run, the collective have experienced no shortage of ups and downs, chart-topping hits and high-profile feuds, new arrivals and longtime departures. It’s no wonder that Irv has amassed enough “tales” to craft a documentary and television series about the label, a reality that Gotti intends to manifest.

In a lengthy Instagram announcement, Irv detailed his upcoming partnership with filmmaker Michael Payton, who once pulled together an unofficial documentary on Murder Inc; this time, it will appear his efforts shall be legitimized. If that wasn’t enough, Gotti has also detailed plans for a Murder Inc 20th anniversary tour, which is set to be presented by Live Nation. Unfortunately, he spared details surrounding who might be joining, but it stands to reason that Ja Rule and Ashanti will hop on board for the cause. It is unclear if former Murder Inc artist Vanessa Carlton will be joining the tour. 

What say you? Any interest in seeing the Murder Inc story told by way of another television series? Say what you will about some of their moves, but the Inc. deserves some respect for everything they’ve accomplished. As we see it, the more explorations of hip-hop history, the better. 

Irv Gotti's Murder Inc Is Hitting The Road For 20th Anniversary
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images