On June 3rd, Nas-X" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Nas X previewed the 7-song tracklist for his upcoming EP bearing a layman’s title of 7. As my colleague outlined in a previous post, the “Old Town Road (Remix)” will kick off the proceedings, following 6 complete unknowns at first glance:  “Panini,” “F9mily,” “Kick It,” “Rodeo,” “Bring U Down,” and “C7osure” to effectively close off the proceedings. I’ll let you come to your conclusions before opening up the next bulletin.


Moments ago, Lil Nas X added another dimension to his EP’s rollout by uncovering the artistic direction (days ago), and the actual release date. As he stated on Twitter, and later on Instagram as well, “7 DROPS ON JUNE 21ST!!” Pencil that into your notebooks with the header that reads JUDGEMENT DAY.  But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the diligent work of the Reddit community, a majority of the songs have been traced back to antecedent social media posts on either Nas’ or Take A Daytrip’s accounts – all of which exist in the snippet form only. As much as I’m inclined to be pessimistic about a cowboy-themed EP, the short form versions of the “complete unknowns” are actually quite palatable. Kudos to Lil Nas X for staying relevant this long off of one song.