Slowly but surely, marijuana is being more accepted globally. The days of Mary Jane being seen as a "gateway drug" or a epidemic will soon be a blip of the past, but there are still federal rules and regulations worldwide prohibiting using, carrying, or traveling with weed. In America alone laws differ from state to state, so it's well-known that traveling abroad may come with rigid regulations depending on your destination. Rapper 2 Chainz shared that he was recently stopped at an airport in Dubai, not because he was carrying anything, but because the aroma of marijuana was in the air.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

In an Instagram video, 2 Chainz didn't hold back while voicing his frustrations. "They give us the maximum bussdown," the rapper said. "That sh*t get on my f*ckin' nerves! We know y'all don't like weed. They smellin' withdraws. They went through all my socks, all my pockets. Took my shoe pads out my Louis. Sh*t get on my motherf*ckin' nerves. Every time we come over here. This sh*t ain't random, either."

Later, 2 Chainz explains how security officers go in his pocket with their hands and then say their hands smell like weed. "I am a grown man!" the rapper added. "I smoke! I don't smoke here because it's not allowed." He added that the jail time isn't worth it. Social media has had a lot to say about this, with some people sharing that because 2 Chainz and his crew smell like marijuana, it's probable cause for them to be searched. Others believe that it's racial profiling because he's a black rapper. Check out 2 Chainz voicing his frustrations below.