Conway Reflects On Recording "Bang" With Eminem In Detroit

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Eminem & Conway

Conway reflects on hand-picking a beat for Eminem to body.

The Griselda movement continues to gain traction. Following the release of Benny The Butcher's The Plugs I Met and Westside Gunn's FlyGod Is An Awesome God, many have set their sights on Conway The Machine's upcoming endeavor God Don't Make Mistakes. Especially after he linked up with Eminem on "Bang," a track that helped bring Conway's gritty street lyricism to its widest audience yet. Yesterday, both Conway and Benny The Butcher hit up the No Jumper Podcast to chop it up with Adam22, who ultimately shifted the conversation to the former's Shady Records debut. 

When asked about his recent collaboration (around the 59-minute mark) with Eminem "Bang," Conway opened up about how the track came to be. "That's my first record with Marshall," explains The Machine. "I just felt that was the song off the jump when I heard the shit. I recorded it already first. I had went to Detroit, cause I wanted him to hear it. I flew to Detroit, and I played my album God Don't Make Mistakes for him and Paul Rosenberg. Royce was in the room or whatever. When that room came on, I was like 'this that shit I had in mind, I want you to body.' That's how that happened."

"The song just came outta nowhere," he continues. "It was just time. He was like, let's put this out now. Shit, we dropped that motherfucker and tore the streets up." When asked if Conway was nervous working with Em, a man many consider to be among hip-hop's all-time greats, Conway thinks about it. "Nah," he explains, confident in his own abilities. "I thought about am I sure this is the record I wanted to get him on? I'm outspoken. I mean like, shit, 'I need a verse bro, what up? Get on there! I already knew when I got to Detroit, playing him this album - I'm not leaving Detroit without a verse. I'm about to go to Eminem's studio? I'm about to get a verse! It's happening. So the whole flight, I'm a happy n***a."

"Shit, I got there, and just played him the album and shit," continues The Machine. "I ain't gon' lie, the album so crazy man. I didn't even expect this kind of reaction from Em. I'm a confident n***a, I knew this shit fire. But the reaction from Em, I blew him away. This shit is crazy." If you weren't keeping an eye out for Conway's upcoming Shady Records debut, rest assured, you'll take notice before long.

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