Back in February 2018, Frank Ocean and Om’Mas Keith sued each other, after the producer publicly decried a lack of accreditation for his work on Blonde. Om’Mas openly stated that he deserved a 50% share of the credit for all the writing on the album.

Frank Ocean then resorted to legal action, his sticking point being that Keith was brought into the fold as a “work-for-hire producer,” and was compensated as such. Invariably, when Om’Mas Keith countersued the singer, all he had to do was revert back to his original claims.

As of Yesterday, it seems the tide has shifted for Frank Ocean, Om’Mas Keith, and their ongoing feud. The Blast and Pitchfork can confirm that both sides have settled out of court. With the help of an independent arbitrator, a “negotiated settlement executed by them” was put into order. According to the same documents, both Ocean and Keith will be held responsible for their respective legal fees.

However, the report does not indicate, whether or not both sides have agreed to amend portions of the song accreditation on Blonde – it would seem unlikely at this point. For those who don’t know, Om’Mas is a Grammy Award-winning producer, musician, composer, engineer, etc.. with roots in neo-soul and jazz communities. He has also worked with Jay-Z, Vic Mensa, and most notably as a member of the three-headed supergroup Sa-Ra.