Not since “Boats N Hoes” or current pornography narrative trends have Step Brothers gone so hard. Alchemist and Evidence, two immensely talented artists within their respective fields, have officially reunited with a new single. Delivered via the ever-reliable Rhymesayers Entertainment, “Burnt Tree” finds both Alc and Evidence trading off some hard-hitting verses. Off bat, a strangely dissonant tone is struck by way of a vocal sample ushering in Alc’s fantastic opening line: “Ayo Rubba dubba dub!” In fact, the image of Al getting gully with the bars might stick with you for a minute.

As per usual, Evidence slides through with that slick underground vibe, his very cadence causing listeners to instinctively clutch their backpacks. For anyone who came up listening beyond the mainstream, tracks of this nature will also conjure a nostalgic response. And while he’s not present on this latest Step Brothers endeavor, keep a watchful eye out for a split-second cameo from Action Bronson. What do you think of this one?

Quotable Lyrics

Ayo rubba dubba dub it’s too Bees in a Bucket
Drink from a dirty thermos and swing like Kirby Puckett
Out the box, coming from the boondocks like Uncle Ruckus
Get smacked with the sun don’t shine, right on the tookus