R. Kelly is currently locked up behind bars and fighting for a judge to release him from solitary confinement while his two lovers and reported sex slaves are fighting to get the disgraced singer the defense team they think he deserves. TMZ reports that Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary are doing everything they can to get the funds to acquire Tom Mesereau as R. Kelly’s lawyer. Tom is the same man who got Michael Jackson acquitted during his child molestation trial. 

The publication details that Jocelyn and Azriel are shopping for someone to pick up a book deal based on their story and they will, in turn, use that money to aid R. Kelly. Apparently the duo had enough money to hire representatives who are helping to land a big deal for them – so far nothing’s been booked. 

R. Kelly's Girlfriends Reportedly Working Tirelessly To Raise Legal Funds
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The only issue in Jocelyn and Azriel’s plan is that the money to secure a strong defense team for R. Kelly will cost upwards of $1 million. Considering how R. Kelly has three other jurisdictions – Illinois State, Illinois Federal and Minnesota State – Jocelyn and Azriel will need to land more than a few book deals and exclusive interviews to cover the bill.