Chris Brown is undoubtedly a multi-talented individual. We’ve seen it on numerous occasions. He’s a singer, dancer, actor, painter, and overall one of the most impressive entertainers of our generation. He could also play basketball, as we’ve seen at numerous celebrity tournaments. According to one pro athlete, Breezy’s on-court skills could’ve actually translated into a career in the NBA.

Metta World Peace spoke to TMZ’s Van Lathan on the “Red Pill” podcast where he shares his thoughts on Breezy as a basketball. Apparently, Chris Brown’s skills could’ve landed him an official career in basketball if he wasn’t making music. “I support that actually. I thought Chris Brown should’ve been in the league. Before, 10 years ago when I was playing with Chris? Yeah, definitely. He was better than a lot of people,” he said. “He was very smooth, he could penetrate, really good penetrator, really good at attacking the basket,” he added.

Metta World Peace detailed the singer’s skill set on the court before talking about other rappers who he’s played ball with before. He said that The Game was good but his dribbling skills weren’t on par. He also talked about playing with Young Buck. “I’m not going to say Young Buck could’ve made the league. But you could throw it anywhere to Young Buck.”