This past week, Bernie Sanders announced that he would be running for president in 2020. If you remember, Sanders ran back in 2016 and while he captivated millions of people throughout the country, he wasn’t able to secure the Democratic nomination. This year though, he hopes to change his fortunes and eventually battle Donald Trump for the presidency. Politics aside though, turns out Bernie is actually a pretty decent basketball player. Well, as good as a 77-year-old man can be. It’s not like he really brags about his basketball prowess, but Twitter user Kyle Clauss took it upon himself to make an And1 highlight tape of Sanders who has been known to pick up the ball once and a while.

While his shooting percentage is pretty high here, there is no denying his shot is about as stiff as Markelle Fultz’…too soon? Anyways, it wouldn’t be the first time we would have a basketball-playing President in the White House. Barack Obama was a huge basketball fan and was known to shoot the ball around once in a while on his off time. Obama was even seen with Steph Curry recently and joked that he was the reason for Curry’s NBA success.

As for Bernie, well, I’m not sure any NBA stars will be crediting him with their jump shot anytime soon, although at least he’s trying.