When the NYPD started auditing the coercive actions of Emanuel Gonzalez, a commanding officer with an antagonistic history with the G-Unit rapper, 50 Cent saw fit to leverage the media buzz into unforced self-promotion. 50 Cent is thereby drawing upon the fact Gonzalez seemingly wanted him shot with a police-issued firearm, by invoking his name in the latest round of cross-promotion for his cable network hit The Oath. It certainly doesn’t hurt that both The Oath and the Internal Affairs investigation deal with the topic of police corruption.


Nothing about the Instagram post in question begs the question of indifference – even 50 Cent’s photo submission is in reference to the show he co-produces along with creator Joe Halpin. As the promotional poster suggests, Season Two of The Oath will be premiering tomorrow night on Sony Crackle, right on schedule.


Just last night, 50 Cent’s continued the crucifixion of his nemesis by reminding his Twitter audience that a running count of 8 officers, all from Gonzalez’ Brooklyn precinct, stand in agreement over what was said during the now-infamous roll call. All 8 officers put their relationship with their superior on the line by coming forward – mind you, with their identities concealed from the rest of their NYPD colleagues.