Indonesian rising star Agnez Mo has returned with a new bop, recruiting the talents French Montana for a little help on “Diamonds.” The bouncy new single is an ode to the self-made as Frenchy and Agnez trade off on lines that underscore the spoils of luxury.

“When I recorded ‘Diamonds,’ I already knew that this is far beyond a cool record,” Agnez tells Billboard. “It’s a representation of not one [person] but everyone altogether as people. ‘Diamonds’ are not literal diamonds. We, the people, are the diamonds. […] When I write, or direct, act on my music videos, or put out anything, I wanna make sure that I speak my truth while representing my culture, representing and embracing differences. ‘Diamonds’ to me is that record. I did it with people who believe in me transcending my skin tone, my race, my body type, they don’t care if I fit in the boxes, or if I fit the stereotype. We just believed in the vision and did it.”

Quotable Lyrics

Diamonds outshining them all
Only see the diamonds when I talk
Bling Bling, baby, Bling bling
Bling Bling, baby, Bling bling