It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Bow Wow broke his silence on the domestic incident that left both he and ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie in handcuffs, and she’s already on social media calling him a liar. The rapper sat down for an interview with The Quicksilva Show and for the first time since his Super Bowl weekend arrest, he answered questions related to the argument that turned violent between himself and Leslie.

“Once the photo came out of me, and they saw the two and compared, that’s when everything switched,” he said. “I actually saw a lot of men fighting for me. Saying like, yo, ‘If that was me it would’ve been a different situation. For him to carry it out the way he carried it out, you gotta respect that.’ ‘Cause I had a comedy roast in Atlanta, and every comedian said ‘You better than me, ’cause for you to look like that…'”

The Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta star also said that had a photo of Leslie with scratches on her face surfaced, it would still be front page news. Meanwhile, Leslie listened to her former beau’s interview and jumped on Instagram to say it was nothing but lies. She also said that he was “playing the victim” and using her name for his show’s ratings.

“Bow Wow went on a whole radio show and lied dead in the people face,” Leslie wrote. “And the people who believe him should enter the circus with his clown ass! Keep tryna promote that show off my name as your storyline…#narcissistic Been a whole month and people still playing the victim. You should as silly as you look. Let go and move on bro. Tired of folks playing.”

“You and everybody around you know wassup. Act like you don’t now! Lemme give y’all something for the show since you desperate. You done wanna really leave it alone? You really wanna be on mute? Okay…Soon as people got something to sell they say my name, say my name. Destiny’s Child!! #CloutChaser.”