Ash Lightly

HNHH Premiere: Cop Huey Briss’ “Ash Lightly” EP.

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"Climb through the portal, you will never be the same."

For those unacquainted, Huey Briss (formerly LB) is a professional gentleman of leisure and emcee who hails from Grace Park, Long Beach, California. Fellow CA artists Pyramid Vritra and Seafood Sam are his closest associates, musical and otherwise, and he has a hand in the burgeoning T-Rex Global clothing brand as well.

Ash Lightly is Briss' first official project, an all-original 5-track EP with production from Hance, XR and EDUB, also of California. Check out the track list below and watch the video for "Labyrinth" as well - it served as the project's first official single and was shot and edited by Briss' frequent collaborator mynameismoises.

Let us know what you think of the project, folks. If you dig it, you can keep up with Huey B via InstagramTwitter or Tumblr - he's just getting started in this thing we call the rap game.

(And remember to ash lightly, of course.)

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