This morning, fans of So Much Fun woke up to a bittersweet reality. Young Thug’s second verse on “Ecstasy” was essentially wiped from the face of the Earth, as if it never existed in the first place. Instead, a new Machine Gun Kelly feature was added in its stead, marking the first collaboration between the touring buddies. Naturally, the tinkering process left a few fans salty, though some might argue Thugger can manipulate his music however he likes. Now, “Ecstasy” appears to be in its final state, with both Thug and Gunner holding it down with a verse apiece.

MGK came to rap on this one, holding it down with a solid, drug-fuelled sixteen. References to cocaine and gun-violence imbue his presence with an unhinged and unpredictable quality, which further speaks to the duality of MGK. He might occasionally dabble in emo-pop-rap, but he’s more than capable of holding it down alongside top tier emcees. Though the buzz of the original “Ecstasy” may have faded, it’s likely that we’ll come to appreciate this one before long.

Quotable Lyrics

Lord I keep that MC Hammer, no you cannot touch it
I might go on tour and fuck a daughter and a mother
Plus the drink is red like Robitussin
If I get pulled over, put my coke inside your crack
We get home, I pop a pill and I’ll go watch your back