As a founding member of the Pro Era movement over in NYC, Powers Pleasant has earned the right to speak out of turn, one in a blue moon. The producer/DJ looks ready to step outside of his comfort zone, as a full-time soloist. How else, but to travel damn near across the country in search of talent and a life well spent.

Bear in mind, Powers Pleasant isn’t running a star search program, as the guest speakers on “Can’t Fucc Wit It,” are fully calibrated weapons. Powers will have to grit and bear a week of suspense as he readies the other 7 songs slated for his debut Life Is Beautiful. The empty guest spots on the tracklist are meant to convey surprise elements, this isn’t a scratch card.

Life Is Beautiful

1. Sway’s Intro
2. Vintage Chanel feat. ____
3. Please Forgive feat. Denzel Curry, IDK, Zillakami @ Zombie Juice
4. Can’t Fucc Wit It feat. G Perico & Buddy
5. Pull Up feat. Joey Bada$$ & A$AP Ferg
6. Hit My Line feat. ____, ____, & ____
7. Purified feat. ____
8. Pull Up Remix feat. ____, ____ & ____

Quotable Lyrics:

These marks, these snitches, these chicks and these whores
Take the back streets, I don’t really follow the directions
Got a stripper bitch told her hit me when she finish working
Spending blue cheese, we be getting money on the regular.

– Buddy