When Soulja Boy and Blac Chyna initially linked up a few weeks ago, it came as a surprise to most. Soulja Boy is in the midst of a major career resurgence, establishing himself as a huge troll with his viral “Draaaakkkeee?!” video still being a hot topic. The newly minted couple spent Valentine’s Day together and they keep on flaunting their love online, further boosting the confusion. Well, it turns out that all of this actually stems from the initial “biggest comeback of 2018” claims that Soulja took issue with against Tyga.


According to TMZ, this entire relationship was staged at the beginning as a means for both Chyna and Soulja to get revenge on Tyga. Tyga has a child with Blac Chyna and recently, she ranted on Instagram Live about both him and her other baby daddy, Rob Kardashian. Apparently, when Chyna and Draco started conversing in the DMs a few weeks ago, they were planning on trolling T-Raw by pretending to be in a lovey-dovey relationship. After spending some time together though, they developed real feelings for each other and it turned into the real deal. 

Right now, the couple is planning on taking things slowly. As you know, things can escalate quickly in the entertainment industry but Chyna and Soulja Boy think they have a special connection. Do you think they’ll last?