Legend has it, Lil Wayne was on the short end of a lot of cash because of his contract with Birdman, but that doesn’t mean he ain’t rich, and that sure as hell doesn’t mean he won’t give Miami Beach another try. Architectural Digest was the first editorial to report on Lil Wayne’s latest big-ticket purchase, a Miami Beach mansion that cost him well over $11 million.


News of his acquisition will come as a bit of surprise to people who follow the resale market because Lil Wayne is fresh off selling another mansion in the same area at a $10 million loss. But given the circumstances, I think it’s safe to say he’s recovered from his losses, enough to try again in the same rickety marketplace. But Weezy shops with his eyes, not with his nose – he isn’t the only Cash Money alumnus whose grown accustomed to the area. 

10,632-square-foot home boasts seven bedrooms within its walls, and a clear-water cabana right on the perimeter of the property’s physical boundaries. The outside deck is outfitted with “home furnishings” proportionate to a rich person’s interior design budget. And that’s not all, the outside living space includes a built-in laguna meters away from a private island. Check out the digs exclusively in this slideshow