Chris Darden’s Daughter Harassed Over His Defense Of Nipsey Hussle’s Accused Killer

The prosecutor’s daughter is under fire for her father’s actions.

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Chris Darden’s Daughter Harassed Over His Defense Of Nipsey Hussle’s Accused Killer

With news of the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle, even more shockwaves were created when it was revealed that Chris Darden, the prosecutor from the infamous O.J. Simpson trial, would be stepping up as the defense attorney in favor of Eric Holder, the man accused of killing Hussle outside of his Marathon Clothing company on Sunday (March 31st).

Since then, Darden has faced a great deal of backlash and his family has also suffered the consequences in the process. Most recently, Jeneé Darden, the attorney's daughter, stepped onto social media to the clear the air in response to what she says have been "vile comments and messages."

"Like many of you I found out about my father's involvement in the case while scrolling social media," she penned in a post on social media. "I was not prepared for this backlash that has triggered back memories from the O.J. Simpson trial. My father is a grown man and has been a defense attorney for some time. I have no say in the cases he takes on."

Darden went on to express her condolences for Nipsey's family and reiterated that her's father's legal career does not have a direct correlation with her own personal beliefs and life, urging readers to instead "channel" their energy into preserving Nipsey's legacy.

Among those who have fired upon Chris Darden is Meek Mill, who condemned the attorney for defending Holder, who clearly holds the position of the villain in this tragedy. He would go on to liken Darden's decision to proof that "self-hate continues in the black community."


Chris Darden's Daughter Harassed Over His Defense Of Nipsey Hussle's Accused Killer
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