MMA fighter Sergio Da Silva could face up to seven years in prison now that he has been found guilty of robbing a bank in New York City back in August of 2017. According to TMZ, Da Silva was convicted of third-degree robbery which was a decision that was made after a jury was able to review video surveillance footage of the event.

The robbery took place at the Astoria Citibank and in the TMZ report, it is stated that Da Silva actually threatened to shoot employees if they didn’t provide him with the cash. 

It was also stated that Da Silva was facing two robbery charges. He was looking at first-degree and third-degree robbery but the surveillance camera didn’t show him with a gun so they couldn’t prove the first-degree charge. Had Da Silva been convicted of first-degree robbery, he could have been looking at 25 years in prison.

According to TMZ, David Fish who is Da Silva’sattorney, says the MMA fighter plans to appeal the decision. “Thanks to the insight of the jury, he walked out of court a free man Thursday and was not convicted of any violent offense,” Fish added.

Da Silva will be back in court on February 28th where he will be sentenced.