Earlier this week, it became clear that what CNN calls an “ordinary, brown egg” had become the most-liked photo on Instagram, which doesn’t mean people actually like this egg more than anything else, but it certainly means something. Although I don’t know what that something is, Miley Cyrus seems like she might have some ideas.

After marrying Liam Hemsworth not-so-secretly a little while ago, subsequently breaking the secret on Instagram, rumours have been fluttering around about her being pregnant. The Daily Mail went so far as to tweet said rumour, saying that they’re “expecting their first child together.” Cyrus, no rookie when it comes to tabloids and rumours, immediately shot it down, but for some reason felt the need to do so with egg puns. She used “egg-celent,” “egg-cited” and “egg-xpecting” all in the same tweet:


As you can see, she’s pasted the egg on top of her and posted her mouth on top of the famous egg. Strange times.