Meek Mill isn’t one to hold back on a good-natured joke, as evidenced by the self-deprecation he displayed on his last album (Drake this, Drake that…). His latest ribbing came at the expense of mother’s (improved) social welfare, as he jumped on Twitter to post a picture depicting her welfare card her American Express Platinum card – one on top the other with her debit card wedged in between. While a basic element of humor is certainly at play here, what’s really of interest to Meek Mill is the mixed inferences of wealth and poverty – telling the story of how far he and his family have come since their humble beginnings.

On another note, one can certainly hope Meek Mill’s mother won’t be pressed by the US’s social welfare system as a result of the posting. On the surface, there’s nothing reprehensible about accepting a credit card (and score) while enlisted in the social welfare system. Once a credit card company assigns a platinum card to a welfare recipient, there’s little reason to let up, especially with the advent of collection agencies. Mind you, “Debt” is a commodity Meek Mill will guard his mother against, for the rest of eternity. All respect due.

Meek Mill Reminds Us Of His "Rags To Riches Story" By Posting His Mom's Welfare Card
Scott Legato/Getty Images