Today, veteran West Coast rapper Spice 1 has dropped off a new single from his upcoming Platinum OG album, which marks the latest addition to an already padded discography. With the project set to arrive in full on July 26th, Spice has decided to release the last song he recorded, as per OnSmash. “Since 85” brings a pair of experienced lyricists into the fold, both of which know their way around the bud-smoking section. 

For starters, Devin The Dude has long made an art form out of kicking casual reflections on life beneath a doobie’s haze, and gained many a loyal fan in the process. In fact, there are some who might count The Dude among the game’s unsung heroes, underrated to the casual fan and beloved by those in the know. As for Kurupt Young Gotti, much has been made of his lyrical prowess, and he makes sure to live up to his reputation on this go-around. And why wouldn’t he? Spice 1 is a legend in the West Coast, and when an OG calls a summons, expect nothing less than premium dope. 

Quotable Lyrics

It was around me, year of 1993
We got this orange bud from Humbolt County
Chocolate Thai was the best way to get high
But the orange was the bombest, we called it The Chronic