Upon recently receiving confirmation that a) Kanye West’s Yandhi will be dropping on Saturday, September 29th, b) Kanye West’s Yandhi will feature appearances from Post Malone, XXXTentacion, and possibly Rihanna, and c) Kanye West’s Yandhi artwork pays visible homage to the divisive Yeezus. Now, we have received our first taste of the album’s musical aesthetic, which is destined to be divisive to say the least. Where some say “dying cat,” others say “the purs of a regal Tiger.” 

Taking to a subdued, atmospheric instrumental, Yeezy essentially goes for broke in the booth, clutching the microphone and delivering a spirited rendition of warbling falsetto. It’s difficult to make out what he’s saying, and while this segment is but one part of a finished chapter, it certainly seems interesting to say the least. 

Check out the snippet below, and ask yourself whether or not this is a welcome direction from Yeezy. In any case, it’s the one we’re getting. Yandhi will be a fascinating project, that much is certain.