50 Cent's Most Savage Moments Towards His "Other" Son

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Sometimes, 50 Cent takes his trolling too far.

We’ve come to appreciate 50 Cent during his transition from one of the most relevant rappers to his current position as a social media maven. The Power producer and G-Unit frontman makes all kinds of headlines from the risky or downright malicious content he posts on Instagram. No matter how hard the platform tries to get him to clean up his act, he refuses to do so. Somehow, he continually gets away with it too. Some have called Fiddy’s online antics cyberbullying, while others share the laugh with him and move on to the next post. Recently, many would agree that Curtis went a little too far when he said that he “wouldn’t have a bad day” if his estranged son, 21-year old Marquise Jackson, were hit by a bus.

The shocking comment was made on a photo of his son with Supreme Griff’s boy. Fiddy has gone back and forth with Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, for years, but this may have crossed the line. 

A Brief History

The "In Da Club" rapper broke up with Shaniqua Tompkins in 2008. When he tried to evict her from his house, the two became embroiled in a rough legal dispute. Suddenly, the Long Island home burnt to the ground in May 2008 and it was deemed a "suspicious" fire. 50 has alleged that he was filming a movie in a different state at the time, while Shaniqua says that, before the fire started, she heard somebody enter the house. At the time, Marquise was 10-years-old and he was likely already starting to form opinions about his father based on how Tompkins viewed him.

When Marquise was 14-years-old, 50 Cent threatened to take him out of his will. Fif was known to share "tough love" messages to his son on Twitter when Marquise started fighting back. "This is coming from someone that didn't wish me a happy birthday," he once responded to his father. That was seemingly the last straw for 50 as he replied that he would be altering his inheritance, removing his firstborn from it.

Around the same time, a text message allegedly surfaced showing the artist accusing Marquise’s mother of sleeping around, suggesting the boy isn’t even his son. According to VH1, the texts read, “I need a blood test cause that d*ck sucking b*tch you call mom was f*cking the hole time.” The messages even include 50 saying he doesn’t “have a son anymore.”

Graduation No-Show

In May 2014, Fif was blasted for not attending his son’s graduation from the twelfth grade. He cleared his name by saying that he wasn’t invited in the first place, but Shaniqua begged to differ. “I didn’t know a parent needed an invitation to the graduation,” she said during a radio appearance. "I think you make time for what you want to make time for.”

In the same year, Marquise Jackson was pictured with Slowbucks and Floyd Mayweather, two people that 50 has had very public issues with. This served as a major "slap in the face" for 50, adding to the growing tension between the father and son.

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Killing His Son On Power

Perhaps the pettiest moment of all came on 50’s hit TV show Power. While it’s possible that this has nothing to do with Marquise, it’s a little coincidental that during their back-and-forth, 50 made the decision to murder his own character's son on Power. Given the rapper’s role behind-the-scenes, a discussion must have been had about whether or not this was a bad idea. It gets even more intense, when, a month later,  Marquise sent some subliminals to his dad online. 50 responded, “Don’t play with me boy. Kanan.” That’s right, he signed off using his Power character’s name after he literally killed his son on the show a few weeks prior. Yikes.

Blocking Marquise On Social Media

A year ago, Fif decided to make a joke about child support, which did not sit well with his son. Marquise commented, “If only your new tv show was this funny.” Of course, Fif had to strike back but he did so in a silently-petty manner. He blocked his own son on social media.

Since then, Jackson’s strained relationship with his father has only intensified with both parties trading subs on social media periodically. It’s continued to this day, with the most recent instance being the “hit by a bus” comment.

"I Only Have One Son"

It’s never a good idea to wish death on somebody, but 50 Cent is out here implying that he wouldn’t shed a tear if his eldest son passed away. That’s pretty savage, by any standards. While much of Fiddy’s social content is generated in shock value, this had people seriously angry. A wholesome moment with his other son, Sire Jackson, even turned sour when Curtis responded to a fan in the comments.

“You’re so proud of one child and completely ignore the rest of them,” wrote one Instagram user. The rapper responded by suggesting he’s officially disowned Marquise, writing, “I only have 1 son, I was mentoring the other little guy.” After all these years, it shouldn’t be a surprise that 50 acts this way toward his son. However, we may never get past how troubling it all feels.

He may not be fond of Marquise, but 50 quite publicly loves his other son, Sire, to death. He’s been sharing photos of his little one as he grows up, saying that the boy is developing his father’s traits quickly. Hopefully, nothing gets in between their bond. We all know how long 50 can hold a grudge for.

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