Capital Steez’s Family Apparently Boycotting Steez Day 2018

Capital Steez’s sister has posted on Instagram in opposition to the event.

BYBrynjar Chapman
Capital Steez’s Family Apparently Boycotting Steez Day 2018

With the annual memorial to rapper Capital Steez only one week away, family members of the late rapper have pulled their support from the event which was originally intended to fund them. Steez Day was founded in the wake of the Steez's suicide nearly six years ago to raise money for his family. However, Steez's sister Tamara Dewar and her children will not be attending the event this year. In a series of messages sent to a group chat yesterday, she announced that "Steez's family is not a part of this event!"

The exact motivation for the boycotting is not completely clear but there are some hints in the messages. She describes being "treated like shit" at Steez day for years, saying "5 years is enough! Respect over everything. Treat people how you want to be treated." Dewar also cites the fact that tickets to the event are too expensive, "making it unaffordable for the real Steez fans." Perhaps most important is her claim that the family "request year after year don't put anything out there with my family's name without notifying us first," which is apparently what happened.

If the event still goes one, with or without the family of Steez, it will be happening on July 8th. The headliners of the event so far are Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers and, of course, Joey Bada$$. The messages have been compiled in two instagram posts.

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